The Night of the Hunter

Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 7:30 PM


The Night of the Hunter

1955 / United Artists

The 1955 film adaptation of The Night of the Hunter (based on a 1953 novel by Davis Grubb) has, over the decades, developed a reputation as one of the greatest thrillers of American cinema, a masterpiece of sinister ambience and a portrayal of one of the all-time great movie villains with Robert Mitchum’s turn as the Reverend Harry Powell. It is the 1930s in West Virginia, and Rev. Powell is a traveling preacher who, while in prison, learns of a stash of stolen money and determines to locate it by wooing the wife of the original thief.

Photographed in evocative black-and-white by legendary cinematographer Stanley Cortez (The Magnificent Ambersons), director Charles Laughton manages to conjure both an American idyll with his naturalistic exteriors and a tense, threatening atmosphere with his expressionistic and stylized interiors. Also starring Shelley Winters and silent film queen Lillian Gish, and with a marvelous score by Walter Schumann, The Night of the Hunter is an American classic worthy of the silver screen.

The film will be introduced by Alan K. Rode of the Film Noir Foundation.

Screening format: 35mm