BeetleJuice – October 27, 2016 @ 7:30 PM

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The Name In Laughter From The Hereafter

1988 / The Geffen Company | IMDB Listing

In a crazy comedic mash-up of such famous “ghostly” films as TOPPER, THE CANTERVILLE GHOST, TIME OF THEIR LIVES, POLTERGEIST, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and ANIMAL HOUSE (haha!), we are bringing you Tim Burton’s BEETLEJUICE. Following Burton’s first feature, PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE, BEETLEJUICE was the surprise hit of 1988, cementing Burton’s place as an influential Hollywood directing talent and also boosting the careers of Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, who would work with Burton on movies to come.

Burton’s outlandish horror comedy has ghostly newlyweds Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis finding their beloved New England home taken over by revolting yuppies. To get rid of them they hire a “freelance bio-exorcist” named Beetlejuice.

Revel in Winona Ryder as the estranged gothic daughter of the new family, Danny Elfman’s music and Harry Belafonte’s vocals, delightfully demented visuals, and Keaton’s full-on comedic whirling dervish!

Beetlejuice won the Academy Award® for Best Makeup for Ve Neill, Robert Short and Steve LaPorte. Schedules permitting, we will have Robert Short and Steve LaPorte on stage before the feature to discuss their work on the film.

Tim Burton’s Vincent (1982) will kick off the show

Vincent Movie

Vincent Malloy is seven years old.
He’s always polite and does what he’s told.

For a boy his age he’s considerate and nice,
But he wants to be just like Vincent Price.

In 1982 Tim Burton was an apprentice animator at the Walt Disney Studio. He made VINCENT while there, the story of a little boy who wants to be just like his hero, Vincent Price. And who else could possibly provide the perfect narration for just such a story? Mr. Price himself, of course!

This early short film is a fascinating look into the artistic style and approach to storytelling that Tim Burton has become justly famous for.