Alex Theatre

The Alex Theatre was designed by architects Charles R. Selkirk and Arthur G. Lindley and completed in 1925 as the Alexander Theatre, a Vaudeville and motion picture house with Greek and Egyptian motifs. It stands today as a surviving example of grand Vaudeville and movie palaces of the early 20th century and one of the very few extant theatres with an open forecourt.

The venue functioned as a motion picture theatre for more than 60 years, with its last commercial screening,  Terminator 2: Judgement Day, presented September 2, 1991.

Following a $6.5 million restoration, the theatre reopened as a performing arts and entertainment center on December 31, 1993.

The 1,411 seat Alex Theatre is a historic, cultural and artistic treasure for not only the people of Glendale, but the entire Los Angeles Basin.

The theater was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. The Nomination document for the National Register provides an extensive description of the architectural features and history of the theatre.

Depiction of the Alex Theatre, circa 1944, by Larry Grossman.