The Three Stooges® Big Screen Event! – 11/26/22

24th Edition of This Iconic Holiday Event

The Three Stooges Big Screen Event!, presented by the Alex Film Society in association with C3 Entertainment, Inc. returns to Glendale’s historic Alex Theatre on Saturday, November 26th for its 24th annual edition. “Coffee, Paint & Glue!” is the theme of this year’s outing, showcasing the antics of Moe, Larry and Curly as various liquid substances are exploited for comedic effect.  Six classic Stooges shorts will be shown, projected, as usual, from pristine 35mm prints courtesy of Sony Pictures, with shows at 2:00 and 8:00 PM. As we say every year, “…it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without these turkeys.” Scroll down to see this year’s lineup.

Tickets Now On Sale

We’ve returned to general admission seats this year. Tickets are available online via Ticketmaster, or at the Alex Theatre box office. Note that there are no additional fees using Ticketmaster – the price you see up front is the price you pay – just download your tickets to your phone.

Three Stooges 2:00 PM Show

Three Stooges 8:00 PM Show

Alex Theatre Box Office Hours

The Alex box office is only open on days with shows at the theatre, starting two hours before the scheduled show time. Please check the Alex Events Calendar for show dates. On November 26, the box office should open at noon. If you intend to buy tickets on the day of the show, please come early to avoid the long lines we’ve seen in years past.

AFS Members Save on Ticket Prices

Alex Film Society members are able to buy tickets to our screenings at discounted prices, typically $4.00 off the face value of a regular admission. Memberships may be purchased on our Web site at We will forward a discount code enabling new members to buy tickets for Stooges online at the discounted price. Most memberships also include free tickets, which may be redeemed for a future AFS show,


TASSELS IN THE AIR (1938; Director: Charlie Chase)

Due to a botched painting job and a bit of Pig-Latin, Moe is mistaken by Mrs Smirch, a nouveau riche housewife, as the famous interior decorator Omay. In an attempt to impress her wealthy friends, the Stooges are hired to redecorate her home. Compounded by Curly’s tassel phobia, they soon making a shambles of the place. With Vernon Dent, Symona Boniface, Bess Flowers, Bud Jamison, Gertrude Astor and Jean De Briac

Tassels In the Air

BACK FROM THE FRONT (1943; Director: Jules White)

Moe, Larry and Curly are Merchant Marines during WWII. On board, they have a run in with Lt. Dungen before they accidentally sink their ship, After days lost at sea, they board a becalmed freighter, soon discovering it’s a Nazi vessel and Lt. Dungen, actually a Nazi spy, is on board too. Moe does his Hitler impersonation and the boys gives the Nazis “the slip.” With Stanley Blystone, Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison, Heinie Conklin, Jack “Tiny” Lipson, Al Thompson, Johnny Kascier and Harry Semels.

Back From the Front

SHIVERING SHERLOCKS (1948; Director: Del Lord)

A beautiful and kindly cafe owner vouches for the Stooges when they are accused of a robbery. Now devoted to her, the boys tag along to check out her inherited family property. Instead, they find the real robbers using the old mansion as a hideout. With Vernon Dent, Christine McIntyre, Kenneth MacDonald, Frank Lackteen, Duke York, Stanley Blystone, Cy Schindell, Joe Palma.

Shivering Sherlocks photo
Shivering Sherlocks

MATRI-PHONY (1942; Director: Harry Edwards)

Set in Ancient times, the Stooges own a pottery shop where the beautiful Diana is hiding from the king, Octopus Grabbus, who has determined that she will be his next wife. Diana and the boys are captured, but they help Diana, delaying the myopic king by breaking his glasses, so that Curly can pose as his comely bride. With Vernon Dent, Monte Collins, Marjorie Deanne and Cy Schindell.


BUSY BUDDIES (1944; Director: Del Lord )

Hanging posters as a way to make a little cash,the boys come across an ad about a cow milking contest with a $100 prize. They immediately sign Curly up and then find a cow for him to practice on…with unexpected results. Later, during the contest, Curly is not having any luck, so Moe and Larry try to help him out, disguised in a cow suit, supplemented with a jug of milk. With Vernon Dent, Fred Kelsey, Eddie Laughton, John Tyrrell and Stanley Blystone

Busy Buddies photo
Busy Buddies

HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB (1938; Director: Del Lord)

Curly wins $50,000 in a radio contest, so the boys decide to live it up at the Hotel Costa Plente. Soon they are wrecking the joint but are joined by three gold diggers pretending to be widows looking for new husbands. As Curly is, once again, broke the boys agree to wed, but when the girls discover Curly’s bankroll has gone for taxes, they have a different idea. With Jean Carmen, Earlene Heath, Lucille Lund, James Morton, Bobby Burns and Bud Jamison.

Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb

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