White Heat, Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 7:30 PM

White Heat

James Cagney portrays an explsoive psychopath that only a mother could love in our presentation of Raoul Walsh’s White Heat (1949), screening on the big screen at Glendale’s historic Alex Theatre.

As the trailer for the film proclaims, “It’s your kind of Cagney, in his kind of story, blazing his way to the top of the world!” The quintessential gangster film, White Heat packs a train robbery, an extended prison sequence, and a payroll heist at an oil refinery into an action-packed 114 minutes, propelled by Cagney’s electrifying performance. Southern California locations circa 1949 include the railroad tunnel in Chatsworth, Burbank’s San Val Drive-in, and the Shell Oil refinery in Torrance.