Vidiots Eagle Theater Now Open in Eagle Rock

The Vidiots Foundation has re-opened the former Yosemite Theater on Eagle Rock Blvd. as the Vidiots Eagle Theater, following a multimillion-dollar renovation that has spanned several years. The site comprises a resurrected video rental store with close to 60,000 titles, a 271-seat theater with capabilities for digital, 35mm and 16mm projection, and a flexible micro-cinema space. 

The Alex Film Society played a significant role in outfitting the projection booth, and we hope to start presenting programs in this very comfortable theater in the near future.

The video store is open seven days a week, with a large selection of mainstream, classic, and independent films to choose from – if you can’t find an older film on your streaming service, chances are that it’s available here on DVD. 

Vidiots video store racks of DVDs

The theater is operating most days, with the schedule currently available into early July. A fully stocked concession stand is available, plus beer and wine service at the bar. 

We urge you to stop in and pay a visit, rent a DVD or two, and enjoy viewing a film in the theater.

Vidiots Eagle Theater marquee